2021 Christmas Ornaments

For those of you who have been with me for awhile you know that every Christmas instead of gifts, Dave and I make each other an ornament. They are made in secret and given on Christmas Day.¬† Mine are usually just an offshoot of what I’ve been working on at the time. I always make him a card to go with the ornament.

This year I have continued to make cards with scraps. I had posted these cards here.

I made an extra piece that I didn’t use for a card.

I cut out a tree with this fabric, but I made him a tree last year so I didn’t want to repeat. This tree will go on a card next year.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of our world right now, and what we need more then anything is peace. What better way for me to show that is to make a peace sign. I found the clip art, and then cut out a peace sign.

When cutting it out, the ends needed to be sewn so I zigzagged them and hot glued the flowers. But the white of the felt stuck out so loud so I used these markers to paint the edges green.

I added an eyelet and a piece of ribbon to hang this new ornament. Here it is on the tree.

What really surprised me this year is the ornament Dave made for me. He’s not been feeling well, so I really didn’t think he’d be able to make one, but he did. And I love it!

Here is his card with the ornament. So special.

I really love our Christmas tradition. I hope this post finds you healthy and enjoying the holiday. Thanks for taking time and stopping by my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you.