Printed Fabric Bee: Ice Dyeing with Cleanline and Giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED – Congratulations to Darcy Berg!

This is the fourth and last in my series this month on using resists with ice dyeing. This is also posted on The Printed Fabric Bee blog.

This is my last post for this month on ice dyeing with resists. Another resist that you can use with ice dyeing is Lumi Cleanline. I love using this product when painting on fabric. If you’ve never used Cleanline, check out my post about it here.

So I tried it with ice dyeing.

You follow the same procedure as when you are ice dyeing with soy wax or Color Magnet. Soda ash soak the fabric and hang to dry. The Cleanline resist is then applied to the dry fabric with whatever tools you like to use including, but not limited to, thermofax screens, wood printing blocks, or potato mashers. Then let the Cleanline dry before ice dyeing.

When completely dry, I scrunched it up and ice dyed it.

Here are the results. With Lumi Cleanline resist, since it is water soluble, you don’t get a strong resist due to all of the melted ice water that sits on it, but still gives a nice, almost muted, background.


These are just a few of the resists you can use with ice dyeing.

As I mentioned in my first post this month that I am working on my online class – Icy Delights. Registration will open in May.


Because a lot of the dyes split or break out to their component colors in ice dyeing it’s difficult to buy dyes not knowing how they will look. For my class I’ve ice dyed 34 different colors so class participants can see which colors they might like best for their projects. I’ve also included some of my favorite color combos. But more about the class later.

Let’s get to the giveaway.


For my giveaway the winner will receive 4 fat quarters of my favorite ice dyed fabric (and maybe a surprise). To comment, enter below or on the Bee Blog. The deadline is Friday, May 6 at 8 am CST. I’ll be posting the winner at the top of this post.

Good Luck and thanks for reading my posts this month.